“Attitudes” has been released

album artwork for “Attitudes

The DnB album has been mastered and is available in most online music locations. Here is a link to the BandCamp page. First tracks were recorded in January 2022 while also recording and mixing electro and techno projects. Both the drum & bass and electro projects have been finished and mastered, while the mixing process for the techno albums is still ongoing. Super happy to have finished this crazy project and hope I never have to do it again!! But I feel it will give me many different directions to go in the future, while adding a number of solid tracks to my repertoire that I can play for as long as I’m a musician. And because they are different styles, I can create different moods for different needs and moments. I’ve already planned out a “chill” drum & bass set for a gig I’m scheduled to perform at this summer. With three or four additions from this album, I can now make a full set of this type of material, and can of course expand it in the future.