Roland Boutique JX-03 chaining notes

  • This is what the setup looks like with an added JX-03.

    MIDI clock sends all the time, I don’t think it can be turned off. If set to auto, it will check for external clock first and sync to that, otherwise it uses internal tempo, set with [MANUAL][3] and then [1] or [2]. That means any synth that receives output from the JX will need to sync to it or set up local control so that incoming midi doesn’t affect it.

  • Along with MIDI clock, the sequence always send its midi notes to the MIDI output. It will be important to never start a sequence from the JX because it will probably send unwanted notes onwards.
  • Chain mode was set to on at first, and this caused problems because it would not send note offs from the MIDI output, which caused hanging notes.
  • The JX also sends program change messages, which cannot be turned off. This should be noted for any downstream synths in the chain.
  • Some USB ports do not supply enough power to keep the JX on. My phone charge battery¬†for example did not work.
  • Not sure about stereo, if the JX receives and/or sends it on with its input/output jacks. The output on the JX is monoaural, except for the chorus output, which is stereo.