2021 European Tour Site is Up

The European Tour website is up and running now and more or less complete. Follow the tour as it starts in Budapest and passes through 12 countries on its way back home to Krakow. In this map, you can click the countries or the cities to see photos from that region. Whenever there were performance photos, they were placed first in the slideshow. The graphic was fun, if challenging, to make. I learned a lot this time which is already helping me improve future maps.

It turned out that every country in this area has red in their flag, so I made all the countries their specific shade of red and when you roll over them, they change to another color from that country’s flag. Check out Luxembourg’s cool light blue color! Some countries like Belgium and cities like Stuttgart in Germany don’t have any photos associated with them, and so there’s no rollover for them. And of course, Czechia was completely left out of everything. Maybe next time, Czechs.

Anyway, here’s the link, or click on the 2021 Tour link at the top of my homepage at www.doperobot.com. The West Africa Tour page is starting to come together as well, and you can also find that link on the homepage. Check back often to see how it’s coming along!